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Welcome to Merlimont !

S ituated between Berck sur mer and Le Touquet, at the heart of the Opal Coast, Merlimont is a charming, family sea-side resort which manages to combine the art of learning something new and surprising you in masterly fashion. Whilst maintaining its discreet charm and authenticity, Merlimont also plays its cards well in the field of development, thanks to its good facilities, the dynamic management of its natural resources and the quality of the entertainment.
Merlimont is made up of two parts : the beach “ Merlimont Plage” and the village,
“ Merlimont Village” spread over 2,149 hectares with a population of 3.140 inhabitants and 3.487 homes.


Nautical Pursuits

Low tide abandons the beach to fun-loving land-lubbers and in the distance yachts can be seen bobbing up and down .
Old seadogs and young deckhands alike discover, or rediscover, the delights of sailing while admiring the sumptuous views of the Opal Coast from the sea.
Racing,gliding, surfing on or off the water – anything goes helped along by a healthy breeze!

Nature Pursuits

Throughout the year, with the changing of the seasons, Merlimont invites you to a permanent spectacle charged with emotion, sea salt and spray and illuminated by an ever-varying sky-scape.
Here, nature reigns over a kingdom of wind and waves.Alternately wild or under control, but always with conservation and protection in mind,nature reveals its mysteries to walkers along the listed pathways.


Above all a family destination, Merlimont will delight both the young and the young at heart…Whether it is for information about the beach, acccommodation or anything else contact us for advice which has families close to our hearts!